Security Guard Training

Security personnel are an unique group of vital service providers and as such more people are going to school to be a private security provider. Most security guard positions in the US now requires specialist training at a special school and subsequent certification.There are many opportunities for those considering a career in the security services and potential employers include most kinds of public premises operators, whether corporate or county, state and federal government departments. All will often go to a specialist security provider school to find suitable applicants with the right level of expertise and the correct attitude for the position. Anyone with the required attitude from age 18 to 65 can apply for training at a security training center. Applicants will require the right mental and physical fortitude but most skills can be learned through the specialist training.Training will often be specific to the kind of security guard a student seeks to become and would range from those relying more on a physical presence to deter crime to those with industry specific requirements for prevention and detection.Under the Federal Security Guard Act 1992, security providers, for most situations, are required to have undergone certain training at a security guard school. To begin, they must have successfully completed a Pre-Assignment course of eight hours and received their certification. This must then be submitted with a security provider application to the Department of State.Following submission, the security officer has 90 days in which to complete a second training course at a security guard school which includes 16 hours of on-the-job training. This on-the-job training would be arranged by the security guard school with a relevant security service firm. Often a security student would have secured their place at the security school through a specific employer. Their on-the-job training would then be with that firm and monitored by the security training provider.On successful completion of the second training course, the security student is now fully certified and licensed. All certified private security providers are, however, required to attend an annual one-day refresher training course to remain certified to operate. This will also be attended at the original security officer school. This annual course is to update their skills and receive training in any new developments in their specific area of expertise.Besides the above, Armed Guards must also complete 47 hours in firearm handling. This separate course, also often attended at the same guard training school, comprises 40 hours on the firing range with seven hours of theory. The required standard must be met before certification.

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